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Pecha Kucha January 19, 2013

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This is an interesting, free, gathering of hundreds of people and 10 varied speakers on varied topics. It’s held at various locations such as the downtown library, plaza theatre and much of the fun is that you never know what you are going to get. Each night has a theme such as “two”, “reclaim”, “invest”, and speakers show 20 slides of which they are allowed to speak only 20 seconds per slide. The topic is their interpretation of the theme for the evening. Lots of fun and informative too. If it’s boring, it is only 6 minutes and 40 seconds a speech! More meetings should run within those parameters! Go to and sign up for their newsletter so you get notified when the next night is coming up. Act fast because tickets go fast.


Costco and Ikea Date Night

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DSC00165blogDSC00163blogYes! Really! When you have a chance as a couple to cruise Costco and Ikea without kids, it can be a fun, relaxing experience-even the line-ups at Costco are peaceful to have a great talk and catch up uninterrupted. At Ikea, you can sample the meatballs and have a beer and empathetically watch all the parents struggling with their children’s tantrums. (Don’t chuckle out loud because you will sooner or later be in the same position!) Pretend you live in the 220 square metre apartment at Ikea and you will instantly appreciate your own living space, however messy, when you get home. Much better than visiting show homes.


Kananaskis Lodge – Barrier Lake

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Stay overnight at the lodge at Kananaskis and trapse into Canmore or Banff for dinner. The next day, go for a walk around Barrier Lake. Often, I speak at fun, far away locations and I bring the partner along for a romantic getaway just the two of us. He understands that the night before a keynote, I’m unavailable for the most part because I am reviewing statistics or planning activities, but we usually stay two nights and the next night is the fun night of dinner, dancing and romancing. He brings work and utilizes the business centre (and gets quite a lot done) so it is win-win for both.


Calgary Public Libraries

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Date night at the library? Why not? Grab a coffee and muffin and check out books, equipment and newspapers. The hours will fly by!


Science Centre

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DSC00106blogThe Science centre often has special date nights, but you can go any afternoon for a fun time. Dodge the kids though!
While you are parked there, go over to the zoo also, and have some grub in the Kitkamba Cafe.


Peace Bridge and Walk Through Princes Island Park

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Go downtown and park for 30 minutes for free right next to the Peace Bridge. Have a nice walk. Then follow the path East to the far end of Princes Island. Cross over to China Town for some great food. One of our all time favourites is the Golden Inn on 107 – 2nd Ave SE


Allen Bill Pond

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Here is another beautiful picnic area. There are picnic tables and it is a short drive from Calgary west on highway 22X. We always seem to end up at the Wild Rose Brewery on picnic nights.