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White Elephant Thai Food April 5, 2015

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This restaurant has got to be the best Thai food in the city, and the hardest to get into. It’s small, so there is no room to wait in the actual room.  You have to wait in the hallway or hotel lobby.  It’s worth it!  The red curry is to die for.  Look for the red and yellow signs at the corner of 16th Avenue and 19th Street N.E.

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Waamstock at Flames Central

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Okay, this is a private party, but you know you work for an awesome company, when they stage a rock concert at Flames Central for employees and their bands to perform for co-workers, friends and family.  Lot’s of great music, company, and food!

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Best Date Night EVER!

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What man takes a woman to watch figure skating on Date Night!  A man who is the best partner in the world!

We drove up to Canada Olympic Park and I thought we might be going to an outdoor concert or something.  Into the Markin MacPhail Arena we go, and my mouth drops when I see hours of watching figure skating ahead of us.  He even brought the picnic of cheese, crackers and um…coffee (yes, that was it – coffee!). Best of all, it was free.  It is adult, so not a whole lot of jumps but some of those skaters are really good.  It’s so great to see the skater’s children join them after the skate in the Kiss and Cry section.  There are mens, womens and couples sections.  We left around 10 pm for some food at the delicious Golden Inn, the very first restaurant we ever went to as a couple 27 years ago.

Lots of kisses and hugs to my sweetie today!DSC07712 DSC07715 DSC07698 DSC07720

Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating National Championships, Easter weekend, Canada Olympic Park, 2015


Patisserie du Soleil Cafe and Bakery January 18, 2015

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This cute little café has amazing food and atmosphere.  Come for a quaint little cosy dinner for two.



Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society Dinner

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This dinner/dance was a lovely fundraiser to help support the dancers.  The meal was excellent and watching the dancers perform was a treat for the eyes and ears. Check it out for November dates.


Oktoberfest at The Aerospace Museum

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This lovely fundraiser is a great date idea for the partner in your life that loves planes and history.  You get to sip beer, eat bratwurst and enjoy live entertainment from an awesome German band while strolling through the museum to check out the planes and displays.  Don’t get too cosy in the cockpits though!

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Rev 52 Concert and Wild Rose Brewery Pub

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This is a wonderful evening out of music and singing.  New songs, old songs and some incredible voices and band music.

We went to the Wild Rose Pub before the concert for dinner and an anonymous donor rang the bar bell. Yeah!  Ringing the bell signals the pub that a free round is coming for everyone.  Thank you anonymous donor on January 18. Much appreciated!DSC07489 DSC07482 DSC07483



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