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Valentines Day at a Lecture by Sir Ken Robinson February 15, 2013

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As my sweetie said, “it’s not everyday I get taken to a presentation by a knight!” Valentine’s day was spent attending the 2000 plus sold out presentation by Sir Ken Robinson (TED talks most watched video titled “Schools Kill Creativity.”) at the annual Calgary Teachers Convention. It was a fabulous evening with a funny and thought-provoking message on educational reform from Sir Ken.


Motorbike or Bicycle Riding February 14, 2013

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If one of you has a motorbike license, rent or borrow a bike for the day. Plan a picnic anywhere outside of Calgary and hit the open road. Be sure to have helmets and an ipod for the passenger because it is hard to chit chat on the journey. You will feel like 20 again!
If motorbiking is not your kind of thing, rent, borrow and drag from the garage a pair of bicycles. Nose Hill, Fish Creek, Bowness, Edworthy, Princes Islands Park are all connected by hundreds of kilometres of bike paths.


Boat Cruise on an Urban Lake

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IMG-20120914-00209blIMG-20120817-00119blIMG-20120702-00065bIf you have friends that live in one of Calgary’s 11 communities, cash in some friend points so they can sign you in and let you go for a boat ride. You could choose from canoes, row boats, paddle boats, or any kind of floaties. Some lakes have islands that are isolated and great for picnics and some “alone time.” You may have to fend off the geese but they won’t be taking your photos and posting them on facebook.


Olympic Plaza Picnic and Swim

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DSC00820blThis is a great place to be on a hot summer night as I am posting this in February. Anyways, it was great. In the winter, simply bring ice-skates instead of a bikini. There are lots of grassy areas, so bring a picnic. Hang your hats, shades and coke can on the Famous Five statues and take photos of yourself with the ladies. Head over to the Glenbow Museum after if you are picnicing in the afternoon.



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DSC00790blThis is a hoot on a hot summer evening. Get out those driving frustrations by blocking, slowing down and manouvering the other drivers off the road, in a go-cart. No tickets or red-light cameras! Such fun! Get your own cart though. It’s no fun being a passenger here. Then, insist on driving to the pub or restuarant after.


Fish Creek Park Weiner Roast

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DSC00716blHead out to Fish Creek Park around 4 p.m. in order to snag a picnic table around a fire pit. There are several entry points into Fish Creek including Bebo Grove and Sikome Lake. This is a great spot for double-dating. Bring some sausages (weiners are really gross) and buns, sauerkraut (maybe not if you forgot to pack the Beano) and some non-alcoholic beer. Make a fire and recreate what cave people have known for years – humans open up and talk when they stare into a fire. Be sure to bring lots of water to put the fire out. Bonus if one of you brings a guitar or harmonica. Extra points for a piano.


Movie in the Park

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This event is not just for little kids.  It’s a great summer time alternative to “Drive-Ins.”  Pack some adult food such as cheese, crackers, olives, hummus, dips, veges, chocolate, sparkling wine and artisan breads and get ready for jealous stares.  Bring a sleeping bag, pillows and find a cozy spot in the “adult” section.  You may watch the movie, or may just wish to snog in the back of the hill or meadow.