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Beer Can Chicken BBQ July 31, 2013

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Cooking dinner for your partner tonight? Surprise them with these cute little chickens propped on beer cans on the BBQ. Throw in a salad, crusty bread, and white wine and you have a great dinner with absolutely no wash-up. What could be more romantic than that!


Camping-Rum Runner Days Crowsnest Pass

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DSC02309What better way to date than to camp? Really get to know your partner after all the work of putting up the tent, stoking up the fire, cooking a gourmet meal and cleaning up. If he or she is still happy, even in the smoke, the rain, insects and leaky tent, you have a good one there!


Summer Patios

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DSC02350DSC02347What could be more romantic than dinner or drinks on the patio during a warm summer evening? We recently had dinner at the newly renovated Chianti’s Willowpark and enjoy Chianti on the patio. Consistently great food and service.


Canadian Badlands Passion Play and Royal Tyrrell Museum

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DSC02302This play runs in Drumheller, Alberta, once per year for ten days in July. There are two – three hour performances every day. The evening show begins at 6 p.m. and it is only hot for an hour before the sun sets over the hills and the cool breeze comes. Afternoon shows can be quite scorching, so bring a hat and sunscreen. Come early and check out the Royal Tyrrell Museum for the afternoon, and then go to dinner before the passion play. Stay overnight at any of the great hotels or drive back to Calgary. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this play, or secular to enjoy the Royal Tyrrell Museum.


Karaoke Night Anywhere

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DSC02340If your dating partner is a daring kind of person, you might wish to go to the many pubs with Karaoke night. Take turns picking out a song that your partner will have to sing, and to be a good sport, go up there with him or her! You will make new friends and have a fun night out.


Kildares Pub

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If you want to go to the most Southern point of Calgary, head down SE to Kildares pub. Lots of brew selections and you can sit on the patio to watch the hares frolic in the adjoining field. Past highway 22, on Sheriff King Road.


Jubilations Dinner Theatre

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IMG-20130630-00335We went to see the show, Big Bang Theory and had a great date. Book early and get the end of the table seats so you have a bit of privacy to talk.