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Jacqueline’s Bistro May 29, 2013

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This is the cutest, tiniest, romantic little restaurant that I have been to in a long time. Very good food, lots of little places to snuggle and very intimate. The patio is on the South side in the shade and very refreshing to stay all night, on a hot summer evening.


Lloyd Park Picnic

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What a gem just inside of Calgary City limits. Lloyd Park is a beautiful picnic spot with barbeque places and tables. Lots of green areas and flush washrooms. The wetlands are home to beavers, birds, geese and many other forms of wildlife. To access, just go South on MacLeod Trail and turn West on highway 22x. There will be big green signs for Lloyd Park.


Visit Public Art May 1, 2013

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This one is called "The Root of All Evil" and there are many other hidden public art displays in Calgary. It's worth driving or biking to see these in person.


Social Justice Forum

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It’s really great to live in Calgary. There are a lot of free lectures (that even serve food) at public places on a Saturday night. We were recently treated to a range of Pecha Kucha style of presentations by the Social Justice organization at the Central Public Library downtown. Very thought-provoking and great stimulation for conversations on values.


Highwood Dining Room, SAIT

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The Highwood Dining Room is one of the best deals for gourmet dining in the city. The staff are students from SAIT’s culinary arts program so they are very keen to do their best. Service is friendly and fast-at any time there are 5 eager students in white uniforms ready to meet your every need. The wine list is extensive and the mark-up on wines is much lower than most restaurants, so you can try beautiful wines at a very good price. The set price includes five courses, so be sure to wear your buffet pants. Not open on weekends, but open for dinner Monday through Thursday and for lunches. Make reservations early because this fills up fast.



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There are many neighborhood pubs/bars with live music which is great if you want to stop by for a drink, and be able to walk home, or have your kids pick you up. Restobar is in the SE and has live music on weekends after nine.


Wreck City Art Project and Fast Forward, Swerve Magazine

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If you are looking for really unique date night ideas, check out the Fast Forward magazine and Swerve magazine for up-to-the-minute really cool date ideas. We went to Wreck City last weekend. It is a city block in Kensington that was slated for demolition and the arts community let loose and turned the houses into sculpture and 3d art. Very exceptional.