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Best Date Night EVER! April 5, 2015

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What man takes a woman to watch figure skating on Date Night!  A man who is the best partner in the world!

We drove up to Canada Olympic Park and I thought we might be going to an outdoor concert or something.  Into the Markin MacPhail Arena we go, and my mouth drops when I see hours of watching figure skating ahead of us.  He even brought the picnic of cheese, crackers and um…coffee (yes, that was it – coffee!). Best of all, it was free.  It is adult, so not a whole lot of jumps but some of those skaters are really good.  It’s so great to see the skater’s children join them after the skate in the Kiss and Cry section.  There are mens, womens and couples sections.  We left around 10 pm for some food at the delicious Golden Inn, the very first restaurant we ever went to as a couple 27 years ago.

Lots of kisses and hugs to my sweetie today!DSC07712 DSC07715 DSC07698 DSC07720

Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating National Championships, Easter weekend, Canada Olympic Park, 2015


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