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Picnic Overlooking the City November 1, 2013

Filed under: Fall Dates,Spring,Summer Dates — Judy Arnall, BA, DTM, CCFE @ 3:54 pm
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This date night, we decided to try out the new Stromboli’s restaurant. I used to go there when it was in Kensington and I was a teenager, and wanted to share their fabulous food with my partner. We went to the new Stromboli’s location in Bridgeland,
and ordered a pizza. Unfortunately, they didn’t have their liquor license yet, and we were craving a good bottle of wine with the pizza. We ordered the pizza to go, and found a liquor depot across the street. We picked up a lovely bottle of “Fat Bastard” wine and headed over to Rotary Park off of Edmonton Trail to have a picnic. Rotary Park was interesting, but there were construction vehicles working, so we drove a little further. We landed on a quiet little street called Samis Road NW that overlooked downtown. Having a van, we parked on the side of the road, opened the van side door and had a scrumptious van-picnic with a magnificent view. It was so beautiful and quiet, and we watched the sun set and chatted. We finished off with a huge ice-cream dessert treat from Peter’s Drive-In before heading home. One of the best date nights ever.




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