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Bridge Walk and Jonas Restaurant February 2, 2013

Filed under: Fall Dates,Spring,Summer Dates — Judy Arnall, BA, DTM, CCFE @ 4:53 am
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DSC01351sigDSC01347sigDSC01345sigDSC01341sigPark on Memorial Drive after six pm and walk across the Peace bridge in the dark. Very pretty. And very quiet when it’s 20 below. Walk along the Bow River and cross over to 7th Ave. Along the c-train is the most wonderful hungarian restaurant, Jonas, which serves winter food – cabbage rolls, chicken paprikash, Schnitzel and spatzle (pardon my spelling!) Good, stick to the ribs food.
After dinner, walk along the 10th street bridge and catch a glimpse of the not yet opened Memorial monument. Head to the corner of 10 st and Memorial Drive, for a beer at the Bottlehouse Beer Parlor, which is not as crowded as National Beer or the Craft Beer Market, but just as good.


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