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Blue Rock Campground Picnic and Powderhorn Saloon in Bragg Creek January 7, 2013

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Blue Rock Campground is 40 km west of Turner Valley and 15 km west of Sandy McNabb Campground in the Kananaskis. It has overnight camping and picnic areas and is about an hour outside Calgary if you want to escape the city for a midweek break.

On a warm summer evening, it’s fun to pack a picnic of bread, cheese, hummus, cold cuts, more cheese, spinach dip, tzitsiki, olives, wine, and water and head out on the motorbike to a rural destination. This evening, we ended up at Blue Rock and had a lovely creekside picnic. On the way home, we stopped at the Powderhorn Saloon pub in Bragg Creek and met a few other couples out on Date Night. The atmosphere was fun, carefree and jovial. The host usually drives and the guest gets to enjoy alcohol beverages which is why it’s essential to alternate hosting and guesting on date night.


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