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Rose Garden Thai September 11, 2014

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There is nothing better on date night than to meet up with treasured friends and enjoy a meal together. We went to the Rose Garden Restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner of red, green and yellow curries.



Hop-In Brew Pub

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Great beer, no screens and lively music.

We just can’t get enough of this pub.  And neither can the hoppers.



Peace Bridge Walk

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There is a lot to see across the road from 10 Street and Memorial Dr. NW.  Walk on the downtown side and you and your sweetie will see green spaces, memorials and monuments as well as views of the Bow River.  Finish off with a picnic dessert basket.

DSC05177 DSC05178 DSC05179 DSC05180 DSC05181


Delicious Thai Restaurant, Container Bar and Kensington Walk

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The Delicious Thai Restaurant on 10st NW  is a very reasonable place for your fill of red and green curry. Later, walk with your sweetie down 10 Street to see the sights. Pause for reflection at Memorial Plaza and take in the beautiful views of the Bow River.  When you get thirsty, go to the Container Bar which is the most hidden patio in Calgary.  Very quaint.

DSC05189 DSC05199 DSC05201 DSC05205 DSC05206 DSC05208


Stampede BBQ Overlooking the Saddledome August 17, 2014

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bonnie1If you would like to take your date to a crowded spot with great views, come to Salisbury road during The Calgary Stampede.  You have to walk your lawn chair up the hill, because roads are blocked off during Stampede to reduce traffic, but it has amazing views once you are up there.  Bring a picnic, and plenty of bug dope and stay for the best views of the fireworks.

DSC04915 DSC04916 DSC04917


Bottlescrew Bills

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This was the pub that Peter and I went to on our first date twenty five years ago. We went for supper after the Olympic Plaza festival and discovered the food and beer was just as great now as then.

DSC05009 DSC05010


Festival at Olympic Plaza

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Summer is a great time to catch a festival at Olympic Plaza or Prince’s Island Park.  Pack a picnic and enjoy some great music.  Afterwards, “have tea” at the Famous Five statues. 

DSC05004DSC05007 DSC05008



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